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Managing Deadlines –  most of us in the business of preparing tax returns face very real deadlines. There’s March 15th when Corporate Tax Returns are due. And then April 15th when all of us need to file our 1040’s, or request extension.

How about you? Do you, your family and your business face deadlines? Certainly. Maybe every day. Does this create stress? If so, give the following idea a try.

Our motto here is to under promise and over deliver. More importantly, never OVER promise. What does this mean? If we promise a tax return will be done for a client by April 15th, our staff will try and deliver by April 10th. The client will be thrilled. However, promise by April 10th, and deliver on April 15th????? The client’s anxiety level increases, and whether they get a refund or not, they may not be pleased with the last minute effort. A difference of five days could mean losing a client….all because the initial promise was too promising.

At Cole, McIlwain & Company, we value our relationships with our clients. To that end, we set realistic deadlines with our own staff, and therefore, we are able to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Does this eliminate stress? No. But when everyone knows the expectations up front, plans appropriately, communicates with one another, and monitors progress, the results are usually very positive for all involved.